Why Become an Alano Club Member?

You do not need to be a member at Alano Club to join a group, use our services, or participate in events. Membership is a way for people to financially support the Club and join us in our mission. You’ll get great perks in return!

There are three ways to become a member at Alano Club:

  • Monthly membership is $7
  • Annual membership is $84
  • Gift an Alano Club membership to a community member

When you become a member or gift a membership to the Alano Club, not only are you supporting our critical mission, but you’ll enjoy free coffee, tea, and soda for the duration of your membership as well!

Club memberships provide essential ongoing financial support that allows the Club to deliver the addiction recovery services so many in our community rely on for healing. When you become a member, you’re saying “yes” to a brighter future for your neighbors and friends.

What to Expect as an Alano Club Member

Becoming an Alano Club member is a way to become a stakeholder in our mission and support the Club financially. Membership is a great way to get even more connected to the Club, but it’s not a requirement to join a group or hang out in our café.

When you become a member, you’ll experience even greater connection and pride in the work of the Alano Club of Kent County – and enjoy free tea, coffee, and soda during your membership. You can sign up online or in our club café.

We'll Save A Seat For You!

We are located at: 1020 College Ave NE | Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The Power of Recovery

“The roads to recovery are many, and the resolution of alcoholism by any method should be a cause for celebration by AA members.” — Bill Wilson

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