Alano club of Kent County presents...

"Gratitude in Action"

Gala 2019!

Thursday, October 10th, 2019


5:00PM - 6:40PM


Silent Auction


Coffee Reception

Recovery Art Unveil

Live Music


6:40PM - 8:00PM

Dinner & Program 


GVSU Eberhard Center 
301 Fulton St W
Grand Rapids MI 49504

Event details 

On Thursday, October 10, 2019, the Alano Club of Kent County will host the 3rd annual “Gratitude in Action Gala” at the Eberhard Center to celebrate 67 years of support for addiction recovery in our community! This year, we have three people who will  share their inspiring recovery story, how they are grateful for their sobriety, and how they are grateful for the Club that we all share together. At the event, guests will be inspired by the people we serve and challenged to join our amazing community of support. There will be a hor'dourves, coffee reception, option to participate in silent auction, live music, recovery art unveil, fine dining, and a great inspiring program all about Gratitude!


Here at the Club, we are in the business of people. However, it takes the treasure of money to keep our doors open 365 and make our great mission possible! For 67 years, the Alano Club of Kent County has served those recovering from addiction and their families by providing a welcoming place for recovery meetings and fellowship. Your support keeps the Club open every day of the year and sustains 16 mutual support programs. In these meetings, 1,000 people every week find their miracle of recovery and the support for a lifetime of sobriety.

Together we help people recover lives of productivity and service, building strong families and a healthy community. With your support, we will continue to serve this mission faithfully and continue to make a difference in the recovery community! We hope to have your company and support at this wonderful event for fellowship and to support our Club's great mission! 

Registration & Sponsorship

Please select your registration or sponsorship level preferences below. Sponsorships must be submitted by October 8, 2019 in order to guarantee placement on printed materials. Gala Registration must be completed by October 8th, 2019.


Contact Donor Director, Nick Cetlinski, at or (616) 456-5709 x4 or Executive Director, Grant Young, at (616) 456-5709 or

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