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At Alano Club of Kent County, we know we can’t meet every need our club members have. That’s why we work with community organizations to make sure individuals can connect with the resources they need most during their recovery.

If you need additional support and don’t feel comfortable calling yourself, let us know and we can connect you. We have established, personal relationships with each of the organizations listed on this page, and only refer people to places equipped to support people in their recovery.

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Organizations We Work With

Arbor Circle

Youth housing, mental health, recovery services, therapy and counseling, children and family services

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Phone: (616) 456-6571

Clancy Street Ministries

Addiction recovery, marriage counseling, financial literacy, IDA programs, laundry, counseling, referral services

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Phone: (616) 235-2195

Family Outreach Center

Addiction recovery, marriage counseling, financial literacy, IDA programs, laundry, counseling, referral services

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Phone: (616) 235-2195

Families Against Narcotics

Substance abuse recovery resources

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Grand Rapids Red Project

HIV testing, syringe access, overdose prevention, safe sex resources

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Phone: (616) 456-9063

Guiding Light

Residential drug and alcohol treatment program, work placement. Men only

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Phone: (616) 451-0236

Hope Network

Behavioral health, recovery, mental health services, housing, neuro rehabilitation , therapy and counseling, workforce development

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Phone: (616) 301-8000

Kent County Health Department

Records, vital documents, courts

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Phone: (616) 632-7100

Catherine's Health Center 

Primary care, behavioral health services, and dental services.

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Phone: (616) 336-8800

Mel Trotter Mission

Emergency shelter, job readiness, housing readiness, substance abuse recovery

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Phone: (616) 454-8249

MI Recovery

MI Recovery: Recovery support services locator

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Network 180

Crisis intervention, outpatient psychiatric services, therapy, patent support services, evaluation and treatment planning, mental illness and substance use disorder treatment

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Phone: (616) 336-3909

Our Hope

Residential treatment, substance abuse assessment services, recovery planning. Women only

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Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Psychiatric urgent care, therapy, outpatient services, addiction and substance abuse recovery support, intensive short-term in-patient care, behavioral health day programs

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Phone: (616) 455-5000

Sanford House

Residential, outpatient, virtual, and medication-assisted addiction treatment

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Phone: (844) 776-9651

Local Program Chapters

Kent County Central Office of AA

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24 Hour Hotline: (616) 913-9149
Phone: (616) 913-9216

Al-Anon Information Services, Al-Anon, Alateen Answering Services

Alano Club South

Heroin Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

24-Hour Help and Information Line:
(800) 230-4085

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Molina Healthcare

Recovery Infused Yoga

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The Power of Recovery

“The roads to recovery are many, and the resolution of alcoholism by any method should be a cause for celebration by AA members.” — Bill Wilson

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