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We've encircled these elements in a new logo concept that symbolizes our 360º approach to serving members of the recovery community. Obtaining feedback from folks around the club, friends, and family throughout seven revisions of design and development has helped us to land on a “people's choice” with a new design that symbolizes the uplifting words that emanate from “chair-to-chair” during meetings – and as such, are emblematic of the positive impact that resonates from member-to-member. 

Emerging from a collective Club voice: 


  • The "circle" represents Club unity and the thing about a circle is it continues - there is no endpoint; likewise, the circle could be viewed as a wheel, to keep rolling forward, and to "keep coming back." 

  • The navy blue color in the logo represents the “serenity” that can be found in the recovery journey. Our Club is a refuge place for many and a lot of people express that coming to the Club is a time to slow down, and gain some more serenity regardless of what life is throwing at them. 

  • Lastly, the green color represents "growth" of the outcomes that stem from the positive impact that the Club has on so many individuals and how the people and programs challenge us to be our best and extend accountability to help ensure we give our best. It's is said, that like a plant, we are either green and growing; or dead and decaying. Stay green! 

John L. spent roughly 40 hours over several months in 2019 in our Club Café. He solicited multiple people within the Club for their opinion, which led him to the circular design with some artistic meaning. So thanks to the graphic designer, John L., lending his talents and working in our Club Café (getting the fellowship's feedback), he was able to come up with the above design. 

We are grateful for the many people who help make our mission possible! 


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